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The Texas State Capitol

The Capitol building is a massive structure made of pink granite and stands 14’ taller than the US Capitol. It is very well-known and often-photographed. I have been there several times and I enjoy it immensely. You can also get into the House and Senate Chambers for some cool shots, if they aren’t in session, that is. It is worth a visit and the nice thing is that they don’t mind if you are toting around a tripod. There is also a great area on the lower level that you can reach through an elevator – fun to explore and photograp

The University of Texas campus

The UT campus is huge and therefore offers so many great spots to photograph.  There is Memorial Stadium, where my beloved Longhorns play football, there is Littlefield Fountain which is a real beauty, and there is the UT Tower which seems to stand guard over it all.  There are also countless nooks and crannies that are great fun to explore with a camera!  This is a great spot for architecture shots!  

The Austin skyline

I love the skyline of Austin, even with the continual changes it seems to be undergoing.  I find it very pleasing to look at.  I think the best place to photograph it is from the Lamar Street Bridge, not the pedestrian bridge but from the bridge the cars ride on.  It is a little tight but you can stand there with your tripod and get quite the photo of the skyline with the river running next to it.  Come at night for an extra cool shot with all the towns lights twinkling and reflecting in the water.

The Pennybacker Bridge, aka Loop 360 Bridge

This bridge sits about 20 minutes or so West of downtown and is a beautiful structure.  It is one of the few iconic symbols of Austin and seems to only get prettier every time I see it.  There is a well-known area next to the bridge where you can climb up the rocks to get a nice birds-eye view of it, but I also recommend parking and walking down below the south side of it for some interesting angles.

Hamilton Pool

This wonderful place is about a 30-40 minute drive from Austin but it is well worth it.  It is a natural pool that was created when the dome of an underground river collapsed due to erosion thousands of years ago.  The main highlight is the 45 foot waterfall that cascades over the rim from above, crashing into the pool below.  It’s gorgeous.  I’m fired up just typing this.  Go there now.

Zilker Botanical Gardens

This is a 30 acre park which is tucked away inside the larger and more well-known Zilker Park – Austin’s 350 acre version of NYC’s Central Park (sort of).  It has several different sections, including a rose garden and a Japanese Garden, but for me the highlight is all the flowers you can find there, especially in the springtime. Oh, and don’t miss the waterfall!


Pedernales Falls State Park

This park lies outside of Austin about 30 minutes or so, and is great fun to visit.  There are ample hiking opportunities as well as general photography fun to be had.  The Pedernales River runs through the park and there are so many boulders and rock formations that you may never tire of looking at all the ways the river can move through the rock.  It is interesting, fun, good exercise and great photography – all in one. 

McKinney Falls State Park

I was surprised at how beautiful this place is when I first visited with camera in hand.  It is actually in Austin, just a 15-20 minute from downtown, and if you can get there in the spring you will be rewarded with wonderful waterfalls with a lot of water flowing through them.  It’s really beautiful!

The Driskill Hotel

This is the Grand Dame of Austin Hotels.  It was built in 1886 as the showplace of cattle baron Jesse Driskill and sits on 6th Street in the middle of the entertainment district in downtown Austin.  It is iconic, historic, and beautiful.  Walk around the lobby, go upstairs, visit the bar, and get a shot of the horse-drawn carriages out front too! 

Bull Creek Greenbelt

Bull Creek is my “home trail”, by which I mean that it is both close to my home in NW Austin and the one that I consider to be “mine” if you know what I mean.  It’s completely awesome and a great trail for a run in the woods, but of course I love to photograph it too!  There’s a lot of awesomeness here!  And when we get a nice rain, the waterfalls really get running!!

South Congress Avenue

Airstream trailer restaurants, funky stores and cool places!  Here’s one of the famous food trailers there, a cupcake place known as Hey Cupcake!

The Blanton Museum of Art

Technically, this one sits on the campus of the University of Texas, but there is a lot here to shoot, inside and out.  Be sure and swing by – and the art exhibits are awesome too! 

The Long Center

This is a huge performing arts complex, and I just love all the lines and angles here.  It sits just south of the river from downtown, and gives a great view of Austin from the top of the parking lot too!

Mt Bonnell

This place is famous for it’s sunset view over the lake, which is pretty great.  But it’s equally famous for all the steps you have to climb to get up here.  It’s a pretty good workout!

Umlauf Sculpture Garden

This is a peaceful, almost contemplative spot really close to downtown, and thus easily accessible.  There are a lot of sculptures here, which makes sense, because it’s a sculpture garden!  Have a look around and enjoy!

Mayfield Park

The peacocks are very welcoming and the lake is only a few steps away. Another great spot for fall colors and my favorite place to pose families in a natural surrounding.

Sunset at The Oasis

This place bills itself as the Sunset Capital of Texas, and I have to admit it is pretty stellar, especially if you catch it during a real stunner like I did one fine evening!  It’s a little bit of a drive outside of town but worth it for the view!

The Contemporary Austin

The Contemporary Austin aspires to be the contemporary art museum for Austin and an essential part of city life. Through its unique combination of urban and outdoor sites, The Contemporary will embody an eclectic and collaborative spirit.

Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge

The Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge on Lamar Boulevard has cobbled floors, 32 pedestal lamps, and dozens of wooden benches with plaques dedicated to generous trail donors. The Austin skyline makes for a beautiful backdrop.

Mueller Lake Park

30 acres centrally located at Mueller near the Mueller Central information center and the future town center. The park is home to a 6.5-acre lake, open air amphitheater and stage, interactive playscape, picnic peninsula, loop trail, jogger stretching area and public art.

Barton Springs Pool

Nothing like a cool, crisp morning swim in 68 degree water, right?  People get up every morning and do just that right here in Austin at Barton Springs Pool.  Seems crazy to me, but then again I get up before sunrise to go take photos!

Sekrit Theatre

This is a gorgeous place.  This sprawling backyard-type environment has a greenhouse, a piano, an old school bus, an outdoor bathtub… it’s like a living piece of art. Professional photographers rent this place all the time and weddings and events are also held there. If you’re looking for a sweet photography spot in the spirit of Austin, TX, this is the place. Book online:


Wonderspaces partners with artists to deliver really cool physical artwork displays to new audiences. They also create art shows that travel among a growing number of cities. With each show, they intend to create a place where people can connect with art and with each other. The mission is to create shared understanding through shared experiences. 

Flower Vault

Located in Austin’s Domain district, as well as Houston, the Flower Vault provides a place to take Instagram worthy photos with various creative room designs in a single place. $20 per person for 30 minutes, kids 10 and under are FREE with parent, pets on leash are $10, limited to 10 people per time slot, non-refundable.


You don’t have to book a fancy hotel in order to use their pool for a photoshoot.  You can just pay for day access at where the prices range from $25-$60 per person for a day pass. 

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